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 Papan Iklan Relasi, butuh teman plotting?
♛Lee Hyunwoo
 Posted: Jun 15 2013, 10:37 PM
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ID: hyunwoolee
taken for granted

840 points
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Untuk teman-teman yang anaknya baru meluncur ke WBRP, dan bingung mau plotting sama siapa... bolehlah mengiklan di sini. Misalkan kamu butuh pacar untuk karaktermu, atau mungkin adik yang hilang (!), atau teman kecil,

[b]Nama karakter:[/b]
[b]Relasi yang dicari:[/b]
[b]Catatan tambahan:[/b]


Nama karakter: Nobita Nobi
Relasi yang dicari:
1. Cewek yang disukai. Preferable namanya Shizuka dan sesama anak tunggal. Kalau bisa sih satu sekolah, diatur atur
2. Nobita ini punya restoran, namanya restoran Dorayaki. Saat ini lagi mencari pegawai paruh waktu baru, 3 orang. Yang mau anaknya nambah-nambah bekgron kerja sambilan silakan PM aja. Nanti ditambah di chardev si Nobita
3. dst dst

Catatan tambahan: Silakan PM saya atau mention saya di @nobitanobi kalo berminat ya~ klik link ke data dan chardev saya juga kalo butuh data lebih lanjut.

Butuh ide lanjutan untuk relasi, atau benar-benar bingung kira-kira relasi apa yang menarik untuk karaktermu? Ada beberapa frase yang bisa dipakai untuk ide. Have fun!

re-la-ti-on-ship [rĭ-lā'shon-shĭp']
the condition or fact of being related; connection or association.

inseparable attached at the hip; we cannot be separated
bestfriend trusted; we have one of the closest relationships
partnerincrime we do almost everything together; ie. pranks
closefriend you and i can get along well, and we spend time together
goodfriend we are developing a close relationship; trusted
childhoodfriend you and i knew each other from childhood
bestguy you are my favorite guy friend; most trusted guy friend
bestgirl you are my favorite girl friend; most trusted girl friend
friendofafriend we know each other by association; see outer circle
innercirle my allies; people who i trust very much; people i know well
outercircle semi-allies; befriended, but not trusted; know by name
trusted i have developed a sense of trust in you; you are worthy of trust
colleague you seem familiar; weve worked together somewhere; possibly forgotten
drinkingfriends we go out and drink together; alcohol buddies; see partyfriends
partyfriends we go out and part together; dance floor buddies; see drinkingfriends
secretfriends we are hiding our friendship from everyone; see forbiddenfriends
forbiddenfriends we are not supposed to befriend each other, but had done so
getalongwell we can hold a good conversation together; we have similar ideas
sameinerests you and i share the same likes and dislikes; possible getalongwell
justmet you are an acquaintance; i barely know you; possible last/firstnamebasis

gotohell i wish for you to rot in the underworld with all worthless earth scum
hardcorehatred i hate you with a passion; i hate you because i hate you; mutual hatred
ihateyou i hate you one-sided-ly, but you seem to not hate me back; i hate your guts
youhateme you hate me one-sided-ly, but i seem to not hate you back; you hate my guts
mutualdislike we share a mutual disinterest in each other; we simply dont like each other
idislikeyou i regard you with displeasure, antipathy, or aversion; one sided dislike
yodislikeme you regard me with displeasure, antipathy, or aversion; one-sided dislike
annoyance you make me feel exasperated, irritated, or peeved; i make you feel exasperated
tolerating i endure your annoying habits; youendure and accept my annoying habits
barelytolerating you make it hard for me to endure you; i make it hard for you to accept me
scaredofyou your attitude, physical stance, or power makes me afraid of you; overpowered
scaredofme my attitude, physical stance, or power makes you afraid of me; overpowering
jealousy you have something i want very badly; i have something you want very badly
rival you and i fight about everything and anything under the sun; may cause dislike
opposingteam you just happen to be on the wrong side of the war; possible annoyance
mutualdistrust we both refuse to entrust each other with anything; we have doubts about each other
icanttrustyou i refuse to entrust you with anything of importance to me; i doubt your loyalty
youcanttrustme you refuse to entrust anything of importance to me; you doubt my loyalty

inlove we are passionate about our love for each other; we love each other because we do
current we are dating, together, etc.; we enjoy each other's company romantically
iloveyou i am attracted to you and everything you are; i am willing to die for you
youloveme you are attratced to me and everything that i am; you are willing to die for me
secretlove our relationship and feelings are kept secret; possible forbidden love
mutualcrush you and i are both attracted to each other with feelings of infatuation
crushonyou i am infatuated with you; i am attracted to you at a shallow level
crushonme you are infatuated with me; you are attracted to me at a shallow level
flirts to court triflingly or act amorously without serious intentions; play at love
fleetingglances we look at each other romantically, but prefer not to say anything to each other
forbiddenlove our relationship is not to be spoken of because of possible death or jealousy
lust you are my deadly sin; i express feelings of sexual tention toward you, or vice versa
physicalattraction i am attracted to your physical features, shallow attraction; see crush
secretadmirer i admire you from a distance, but prefer that you not know, or vice versa
pastgoodterms you and i were once together, but we still continue communicating with each other
pastindifferent you and i were once together, but i couldnt care less where you are right now
pastbadterms you and i were once together, and i/you are still very bitter about losing the relationship
lovehate we both do not understand if we are attracted to or completely repulsed by each other
friendswithbenefits we are friends, and nothing more, but we get a little something from each other
fuckbuddies we are not in love, but we have sex with each other; see physical attraction
makeoutbuddies we are not in love, but we kiss like were married; see physical attraction
obsession i cannot stay away from you, or you cannot stay away from me; possible secret admirer
chemistry you and i have a possible future together, because our conversations and meetings mean something

mutualrespect you and i appreciate each other; we regard each other with honor
irespectyou i regard you with honor, and i appreciate everything you do and put effort to
yourespectme you regard me with honor, and you appreciate everything i do and put effort to
mentor you have taught me things about life, love, and things that really matter
teacher you have taught me academically; ie math, science, english, language electives
classmate we share a class together, and we have possibly even been in a group once
roommate you and i share a dorm room together because we bothhave no homes to stay in
mutualprotection we do not want each other to get into harms way, and we keep each other safe
protectiveoveryou i do not want you to get into harms way, and i keep you safe; i am your "big sister"
protectiveoverme you do not want me to get into harms way, and you keep me safe; you are my "older sibling"
rolemodel i follow in your foosteps because you are worthy of the praise and admiration
faithfulfollower i follow you around like im your possy, or vice versa; possible mentor
yourmyhero you saved me life, and i am forever in your debt for that; see i respect you
imyourhero i saved your life, and you are supposedly indebted to me; see you respect me
couldntcareless if you fall off a cliff, or get run over by a truck,i wouldnt care at all
client you have bought drugs from me; you are a loyal buyer, and we possibly do drugs together
other(speficy) our relationship is so difficult to explain, it deserves a category of its own

cre-dit [kred-it]
commendation or honor given for some action, quality, etc.

yo, this plot page was made by theevilbunny over at CAUTION!
steal anything, and that crazy little marsupial
is going to kick your sorry butt, m'kay? anyway
this plot page was brought to you by
dictionary.reference.com, and this
fantastic color blender. yays! im finally finished.
Goo Hyomi
 Posted: Sep 1 2013, 11:53 AM
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Nama karakter: Goo Hyomi
Relasi yang dicari:
1. Cowok cinta pertama Hyomi semasa SMP. Satu angkatan, yang berarti line 90. Nggak ganteng nggak apa-apa. Yang penting karismatik. Kalau bisa cowok baik-baik, bukan cowok jerk. Sudah dapat ya terima kasih.
2. Cowok-cowok yang suka diajak jalan Hyomi. Tiap akhir minggu satu dari mereka diajakin ke luar negeri. Tiap malem kelabing. Jumlah tak terbatas, ya.
3. Teman geng sesama model dan sosialita. Boleh tipikal nurut, tipikal musuh dalam selimut, tipikal cablak, atau apapun boleh.
4. Sahabat masa SMP, cewek satu orang aja. Seumuran ya, 90line. Untuk teman curhat sampai sekarang yang tahu segala masalah Hyomi dan alasan Hyomi jadi kayak sekarang. Sudah dapat juga :)

Catatan tambahan: Silakan PM kalau berminat untuk bikin relasi tersebut. Keterangan lebih lengkap bisa klik 'data' dan 'development' di bawah profil. Terima kasih.

This post has been edited by Goo Hyomi: May 25 2014, 11:42 AM
Sam Baehwan
 Posted: Sep 20 2013, 09:41 PM
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ID: notunclesam
having a crush on someone
Closed Plot

1400 points
Awards: None

Nama karakter: Sam Baehwan

Relasi yang dicari: Teman main di sekolah (cowok) dan disekitar rumah buat nonton bareng atau main bola nyeker di taman (cowok) + teman chatting (cowok+cewek).

Catatan tambahan:
Baehwan (bakwan aja ya ngomongnya). Bakwan ini anak cowok biasa di SMA Guro (guro ini daerah kantor WBEnt ya), tapi dia striker andalan sekolah gitu deh. striker nomor satu, tapi bukan ketua ekskul. Jadi kalau ada anak anak cowok yang mau temenan sama bakwan (sesama anak ekskul olahraga lebih baik) nanti anak kita ke kantinnya bareng bareng.
Atau teman main di rumah. kalo yang ini bisa yang udah kepala 20 juga gamasalah, atau yang masih cimit cimit. Yang penting suka main bola plastik di lapangan sambil nyeker. Atau nonton bola bareng di kafe kafe kalo malem malem.
Lalu teman chatting untuk seoultalk yang suka chatting malem malem jam 12 an yuk sama bakwan chatting.

PM akun ini aja yuk. lengkapnya intip data/development nya akun bakwan aja. bakwan gak punya temen nihhh kasiann (?)

This post has been edited by Sam Baehwan: Feb 1 2014, 08:56 PM
Ham Myungji
 Posted: Sep 22 2013, 04:41 PM
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28 years old
ID: gaemmyung
in a relationship
Closed Plot

1030 points
Awards: 1

Nama karakter: Ham Myungji
Relasi yang dicari:
1. Cewek untuk bikin Myung kesal, yang selalu nongol di mana pun Myung ada.
2. 'Adik-adik', gender bebas.
3. Teman; plotless banget Myung ini :|
4. Cinta pertama Myung. Cewek, line-nya gak beda jauh sama Myung. Cuma buat plot sih, tapi kalo berjodoh, mungkin bisa lanjut (.......)
Catatan tambahan: sebenernya nerima plot apa pun sih. Bisa dibicarakan di PM, trims.

This post has been edited by Ham Myungji: Oct 12 2013, 09:39 PM


can't be apart
"I broke up, I got fired" You're tired of holding back your tears Just tell me about it a little bit Put down the heavy things On top of your shoulders I'll listen to you You, you and I Oh, you and I can't be apart You (you you), you and I I'm always waiting for your story -------------------------------------------USEONNIE
Kim Seungchan
 Posted: Sep 22 2013, 05:23 PM
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member Heartlock
ID: kimchannie

1780 points
Awards: 3

Nama karakter: Kim Seungchan
Relasi yang dicari:
1. Temen masa kecil yang baru ketemu lagi sekarang. Cewe bisa cowo bisa.
2. Semacam 'kakak' cewe yang bakalan jadi first crushnya Seungchan #eak. Yang sifatnya lebih dewasa, tentunya, tapi bisa sabar ngadepin Seungchan yang kelewat polos (...)
3. Apa aja boleh sih, bisa kita musyawarahkan via PM :--D
Catatan tambahan: pejret PM aja kakak~

'Cause I'd get a thousand hugs From ten thousand lightning bugs As they tried to teach me how to dance A foxtrot above my head A sock hop beneath my bed The disco ball is just hanging by a thread I'd like to make myself believe That planet Earth turns slowly It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep 'Cause everything is never as it seems when i fall asleep--------------------------------------------------------*
i'd like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowly
Go Youngjin
 Posted: Sep 22 2013, 07:19 PM
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Nama karakter: Go Youngjin
Relasi yang dicari:
  • Teman, utamanya sih ya... ya karena emang plotnya udah beres tapi masih kekeh aja dimainin, jadi siapapun bisa temenan (kalo mau) sama dia (cowok)
  • Temen Gaul Malam #APAAN masih sama kayak yang di atas, cuma biasanya ketemu malem malem, remang remang #YE canda kok, ya teman main malam aja (cowok-cewek)
  • Pacar boleh lah, gak aneh aneh kok, tapi pipa air aja siapa tau gak cocok ya ngapain di paksain kan. Sebenernya secara plot udah punya pacar, tapi bukan artinya gak bisa direbut kok #YE (udah pasti cewek ya)
Catatan tambahan: Youngjin ini jerk, boleh liat form registnya, nyebelin, artis yang kalo performing ya mirip lah sebelas dua belas sama G-Dragon. Udah, sisanya mah silakan dikepoin dan main, berkenan boleh PM ya, saya menerima kok relasi apapun sesuka aja. Yang gak disebut diatas boleh lah PM-PM, main bareng aja.
Ok Jinhee
 Posted: Oct 26 2013, 02:11 PM
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HD's maknae & main vocal
ID: ddaljjin
having a crush on someone
Closed Plot

2100 points
Awards: 1

Nama karakter: Ok Jinhee
Relasi yang dicari:
1. Cowok yang nolong dia di masa lalu. I-intip chardev dulu biar ngerti alur ceritanya Ojin (......) Syaratnya cuma kelahiran Mokpo atau pernah nongol di sana—dan lebih tua. PM aja kalau berminat ^^
2. Cowok yang mau bikin dia percaya lagi sama cowok. Boleh sama kayak nomer satu, kok.
3. Geng 97liners. Gak ngegeng juga sih, tapi Ojin perlu sekumpulan teman dekat buat ngobrol dan main bareng.

4. Geng Pokopang (...........) Karena dia suka banget Pokopang, perlu orang(-orang) yang juga suka game itu. Kalo gak mau ngetret Geng Pokopang bareng, bisa buat dipinjem deskrip kalo Ojin dapet clover kiriman dari mereka biggrin.gif
5. Lain-lain? Boleh~ Masih nerima banyak relasi kok.
Catatan tambahan: bisa kontak via PM ato YM ato twitter kok. PMnya menggigit tapi aman :"B

This post has been edited by Ok Jinhee: Dec 28 2014, 03:33 PM

{ how the hell does a broken heart
get back together when it's torn apart
jaz say what?!@atf; bso
Yoon Jaehwa
 Posted: Oct 27 2013, 07:20 AM
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Nama karakter: Yoon Jaehwa
Relasi yang dicari: Cewek buat jadi cinta pertama Joe. Jadi ceritanya, Joe mendaftar trainee karena eksistensi cewek ini. Harus trainee atau talent, [s]tukang kantin
atau apa saja, yang jelas kerjanya HARUS di WB Entertainment. Lady-like, asyik, mandiri, kalau bisa yang ga langsung nerima Jaehwa (atau Joe) untuk dekat-dekat—biar plotnya asik gitu, sok jual mahal lah, tapi jangan ketinggian :” batasan line 90-96. Joe bukan om-om, bytheway
Catatan tambahan: Ini untuk kepentingan plot saja, kalo mau lanjut, ayuk :3 dan nerima plot apa saja sih, apalagi yg suka jadi enemies. Contact me on twitter (offdinny) atau pm saja supaya tidak repot. Thankyou.[/s]

kayaknya sih udah dapet #HEH
makasih yang udah mau repot-repot :"

This post has been edited by Yoon Jaehwa: Nov 6 2013, 10:39 PM
Han Jihyung
 Posted: Oct 28 2013, 09:26 PM
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Nama karakter: Han Jihyung
Relasi yang dicari:
1. Tetangga, jender bebas.
Gimana bentuk relasinya bisa didiskusikan, buat gambaran aja kalau Jihyung tinggal di lingkungan yang orang-orangnya kebanyakan tinggal di ruko. -- ETA sudah ada dua chara (Yoon Jaehwa dan Ahn Ryeim yang mau jadi tetangganya Jihyung, Peluang relasi masih bisa fleksibel, tho')
2. Perempuan dari jaman SMA yang dekat dengan Jihyung (...) dan semacam diPHP (karena Jihyung ceritanya masih di masa-masa keemasannya yang takut terikat dan angin-anginan sangking santainya #... meski sampai sekarang emang begitulah) sampai akhirnya lulus dan keduanya sempat lose contact karena Jihyung jadi trainee, tapinya ya terus ketemu lagi. Sudah dapat :v terima kasih~
3. Teman SMA, bebas jender.
Bentuk relasi bisa didiskusikan, dan buat gambaran aja bahwa Jihyung di SMAnya sebenarnya cukup dikenal karena sifatnya yang easy going tapi jarang banget ngumpul suka asik-nyantai sendiri (...), dan sempat perform di pensi sekolahnya membawakan lagu ciptaan sendiri karena dorongan massa (#...).
4. Teman kuliah, mungkin. Gender bebas.
Jihyung kuliah di Hongik University jruusan sastra Inggris, tapi bisa terbuka lebar untuk siapa aja asal bisa dibicarakan, dan gak zoned (?)
5. Pipa air cewek. Future pairing? Bisa jadi, bisa jadi. Tidak memaksa kok (...). Apalagi dengan adanya nomor 2, PM sendiri juga bingung #gakusahcurhatjuga
6. Adik kandung perempuan dengan nama Han Hyeyon, di tahun 2013 ini duduk di kelas 3 SMP, karena sekarang masih charfik, saya kira seru (?) kalau misal ada yang mau sungguh2 menggerakkan adik perempuan JIhyung ini yang jago dance dan talkative (quite opposite of Jihyung^^)

Catatan tambahan: Meski kesannya ribet banget permintaannya tapi sebenarnya terbuka kok buat tawaran (...) relasi lain^^;; silakan PM kalau ada yang tertarik (...) atau reqfoll @nonarisa (iya, diprotect #...) Terima kasih...

This post has been edited by Han Jihyung: Feb 24 2014, 12:57 PM
Choi Soojung
 Posted: Oct 30 2013, 11:48 PM
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Nama Karakter: Choi Soojung

Relasi yang dicari:
  • Teman Kuliah, karena lihat dari daftar sekolah ternyata nggak ada yang di Yonsei ;w; Yuk masuk Yonsei yuk, bagus juga kok /promosi/
  • Dongsaeng(s), karena intinya Soojung adalah karakter yang penyayang. Walau nggak terlalu gampang terbuka, tapi pertahanannya gampang luluh buat dongsaeng-dongsaeng imut yang minta dimasakin uguguguu ;;w;; /KENAPA KAMU/
  • Sahabat, karena walau introvert, dia juga butuh dimengerti /....../ Dan biar nggak stress sendiri terus, apalagi di Seoul ini dia cuma punya satu orang yang lebih sering nggak ada. (Insya Allah) Nggak rugi juga kok jadi sahabat Soojung ;; Lagi-lagi, dia intinya penyayang dan pendengar yang baik. Mungkin cocoknya sama yang happy-go-lucky, tralala trilili, tapi sebenernya sensitif, ya?
  • Secret Admirer, karena..... karena....... KARENA SIAPA YANG NGGAK MAU SAYA TANYA AHUHUHU /plak/ Iya, ini obsesi mama PM-nya aja.... Iya, maaf ya saya sampah....
  • Lover, karena nggak mungkin dia sama si oom npc terus, walau udah cinta ;w; Pertama, dia tau gimana pun yang dia lakukan sekarang

This post has been edited by Oh Sarang: Jul 31 2014, 06:07 PM
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